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October 5, 2010

CIGRG, Ch 2: Let's Boogie

In Chapter Two of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Rock Guitar, David Hodge covers some of the basic elements of guitar playing, like how to hold a pick, how to tune your axe, and posture.  That doesn't mean how to strike your Rock God pose - it means not letting your playing position get in the way of your playing!  No pictures here - you have to read the text, and it's well worth it.

Then you actually get to start rocking out!  You'll start with a classic old-school rock shuffle or "boogie" rhythm, played two different ways.  Interestingly, you have to read to find out what notes he wants you to play - there's no tablature to cheat with.  Well, okay, I'll give you a secret:  tabs for these play-along lessons are in the next chapter.  But don't look!  No really, don't!  Tabs are just a crutch and you don't need them!

q:  What does TABS mean?  
a:  Timesavers, Although Basically Silly.  
So there!  Don't cheat with tabs, learn the notes!  

Anyway, the rock shuffle you'll learn in this lesson seems very basic, but it's one of the building blocks of rock guitar.  Have a listen to Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani; it's a blistering solo effort, but the underlying rhythm is the basic rock shuffle.


  1. Hi - just saw you blog mentioned on Guitar Noise's FB page and wanted to say great idea. I think I'll follow along while you go through the book with my own copy. I play a few other instruments pretty well, but I'm a beginner on guitar.

    Anyway, looking forward to your next post. Good luck.

  2. Thanks CooManChu! I got sidetracked last week but should have the next chapter up this weekend. Cheers!